Yasser Alhumaikani
Yasser is a self-taught multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding for over twenty years, with expertise in leading brand identity development for companies and individuals, managing studios and creative teams, and managing creative platforms and events.
He founded YaStudio in 2003 to become one of the local leading creative agencies in the field of branding.
He has led the brand strategy and identity development for well-known Saudi companies and iconic names across various business sectors, including Bahri Company, Awfad Hotel, Dkhoon Alemiratia, Suhail Restaurant, Lusin, NasJet Airlines, Chbib Trading, Sultan Holding, AlAbdulatif Holding, Wagyu Restaurant, Wooden Coffee, Monopoly Restaurant, Lusso Villa, Dermore Clinics, Nayel Clinics, Drs Lounge, and others.
He founded a set of creative platforms, most notably SaudiStudios, a platform facilitating the search and access to Saudi creative entities. And BeSaudi, a series of creative events that bring together creatives from various specialties in several cities in the Kingdom to talk, present, and showcase their creative work.
Member of the Advisory Committee of the College of Design at Princess Noura University, and the College of Design and Architecture at Dar Al Uloom University.
His work is characterized by simplicity, dynamism, authenticity, and timelessness. He always seeks new ways and ideas to push the boundaries of design and make brands live effectively and positively longer.
He is committed to helping creatives develop their creative skills. He has participated to talk and evaluate creative projects in various events. Some of his works have been featured in some publications and platforms.
Born in 1983, his passion began at the age of ten when he started writing calligraphic awareness phrases on school boards during elementary school. His journey into graphic design began in 2001 when he started using Photoshop for the first time.

Skills & Experiences

Consulting and training in branding

Leading creative team

Creating creative initiatives and platforms

Managing creative events and meetups

Brand strategy development

Professional graphic design using Adobe programs

Professional visual identity design

Professional presentations and using PowerPoint/Keynote

Professional company profile and portfolio design

Arabic and Latin type design

WordPress web development

Arabic writing skills and speed typing in both languages

Toastmasters and public speaking skills